Pegasus Sports started in October of 1991 as a result of a meetin­­g between Don and Greg Meyer. Greg suggested that Don and Linda start putting on running races . After a few more meetings, and a few races ….Ok who remembers the Melt your Frozen heart 5K?? or the multi-event Toughest competitor alive competition? Which pitted competitors against themselves in a decathlon style scoring competition which started with a 100 yard swim, and ended with a 3mile run on the track? The idea of managing these events was fun and there was adventure there but then Don had the great idea that if we could buy blank t-shirts and get them printed we could cut the cost of the events…. And then following natural progression Don’s next brilliant (note of sarcasm) idea was to buy screen printing equipment and have Linda learn to screen print and cut costs even further…..sooooo Equipment was purchased and moved into the basement of Rosie’s Diner where Linda worked part-time and the printing process was begun…. The time at Rosie’s was short lived, and Pegasus was moved to the City of Rockford in the little strip mall at 355 Northland Drive next to the State Police Post this space was a whopping 961 square feet for both retail and production. Then Don had the great idea that we should sell soccer shoes and supplies to the very active recreational soccer community in Rockford a larger space was needed the search brought us to 124 N. Main Street ( this is now a parking lot behind the funeral home) where we moved into an old home with a carriage house behind for a production area while at 124 N. Main Street we began selling Ramwear™ with the first shirt being the Rockford class of 2002 shirt for our son who was then in the 5th Grade, while at 124 N. Main Street The Rockford Rams played in their first ever High School state championship game we developed a special shirt for that game and had people standing in line around the block waiting for shirts to be printed ( By Linda By Hand) what an exciting time that was ... After several years at 124 N. main Street we moved to our current location at 43. E. Bridge Street and have now opened up a larger production facility at 550 Wolverine Street where we print do artwork, make stickers, sand blast, and do graphics for vehicles.